Hey! I'm Kelsey!

Thanks for poppin' in, glad to have ya!  A little about me - I love Jesus and nature is my jam. I'm a free spirit (hence the name "by the free"), adventure junkie, lover of light,  laughter, and a fan of keeping it real. I'm rocking wifey status to my hot hubby + a puppy mama to my sweet girl, Nola. Currently residing in Redding, Ca, but traveling worldwide to capture your story.

I fell in love with photography my sophomore year in highschool when I took a film class. That time in my life was the beginning of a season FULL of inspiration and creation. I loved everything about it. Today, I still love keeping the look of film in my photos. There is something special about it, romantic, soft and sweet. 

I aim to bring out the absolute best in all of my clients! I'm here to cheer you on and celebrate you every minute we spend together because I want you to see yourself as God sees you: beautiful, captivating, and free.

Feel free to stay awhile or check out the blog. Mi casa, su casa. ;)


lets be friends. Xx