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Yo, I really love to help others grow in this field! I know we all get stuck at some point. Maybe you are just starting out. Maybe you’ve hit a wall and struggle to get creative… you just cant seem to nail your editing style to what you see in your head… you need some advice on how to make your business official… you just want to connect with another photographer and chat!? I totally get all of that and have been right there myself. Regardless of what it is- I'm here for you. I would LOVE to talk about it and see what I can do for you! Everyone needs some encouragement in this gig, I know I do.

Different needs require different types of sessions. Please fill out the form below and tell me a bit about what you are hoping to gain from a mentorship session with me. It may look like us meeting up at a coffeeshop for an hour or two, or maybe you joining me at a live shoot to gain some hands on experience. Tell yo girl yo needs! After you fill out the form, i'll slide in your DM's and get back to you ASAP :)

An artist is an artist, no matter their following.

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