An Adventure Turned Photoshoot in Redding, Ca.

My husband and I recently moved BACK to NorCal. Myself for the 4th time! This time we are committed to staying here for at least two years. There is something about Redding. The mountains, lakes, the adventurous spirit in the air. It really makes me feel so alive and free! 

I connected with the sweetest married couple here last week. They also happen to be rad photographers themselves!! We set off in the mountains, not really knowing where we were going, but I had a vision in mind! Due to the weather, the vision didn't really come true.. but we made some awesome images happen in the process anyways and I would love to share them with you!

We started in the mountains of a tiny town called French Gulch, right outside of Redding. There isn't much to see there besides, uhm, THESE MOUNTAINS!! The trek there is full of windy, narrow roads with loose rocks from the mountains (4WD will come in handy) But the views are definitely worth it! Once we were finished there we made a little stop at Whiskeytown Lake. Ya'll, I could live at this place. It is so stunning! And to finish it off, I took my cute couple downtown Redding and snapped some unconventional images just for funzies. I really love having these fun, unpaid sessions where I can just create and have my own vision. 

Well, im done typing... gaze on my friends!



An adventurous bridal shoot + first look in Minnesota.

Kayla and Jason are nature lovers, so of course it made sense for us to do their first look and bridal shoot in the woods and along the lake. I always love when my couples are willing to take a risk and possibly get some dirt under their fingernails. Not to mention, we did this shoot just a few hours before their wedding (blog post coming soon). Most brides would be a little stressed about their dress getting dirty, but Kayla was so down to earth. I could tell that the memories being made meant more to her than the dress she wore. These two made my heart so happy!